This One’s For You Tebow

AjJFq0TCAAAmuJJI’m pretty sure Tim Tebow won’t be reading this, but I have to get the way I am feeling out before I explode. Everybody has been in a craze over Tebow’s faith and it has spread like a wildfire with everyone imitating the famous bent knee and bow as shown in the photo above. The game versus Pittsburgh was absolutely incredible. I do not like the Steelers and I was so happy (jumping and screaming in my house lol) on the amazing last play that gave Broncos the big win. Before the Broncos could enjoy the win people were already hoping for his defeat against the Patriots, and even before the Steelers game there were people counting him out. Tim Tebow does not go around boasting about how great of a quarterback he is because he is humble and understands that despite his abilities God is the one that strengthens and helps him; not only in football, but in everything. I am disgusted yet not surprised by people because as a Christian you will suffer persecution. It seems like almost everyone wants him to fail, so in their minds it proves God is not all powerful, supreme, in control, or probably even real, but it doesn’t matter whether Tebow wins or loses God is still on the throne and in control. I believe God cares about football and anything we do because he cares for us. He is our Father and just like a natural father would be on the sidelines screaming and cheering for there son I’m sure God might do the same with us. Then, I heard a question on Miss America commenting on his faith and strong beliefs in Jesus. I cannot remember who answered it, but I hope it wasn’t the one who won. Nonetheless, Kris Jenner asked was it okay for people of celebrity to strongly display their faith and force it on others. PRESS PAUSE! First of all, how is Tebow forcing his beliefs on anyone? He simply gives thanks to his savior and that is it. He doesn’t get on an interview telling people to give their life to Christ, or repent. No, it is everyone else who is in the uproar over it. If you don’t believe in Jesus move on. It’s sad because for someone that does not exist he sure causes an uproar and strong defense, which proves his existence and authority the more. If this man were of another faith there would be no problem, but people get offended and bothered when they hear Jesus. I know the Broncos lost bad to the Patriots and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of smiling faces over it, but it does not make God of less affect or any less real. God was with Tebow when he won and when he lost. This time it just wasn’t God’s will for them to win. Lastly, on a more personal note, if I ever get married I hope my husband will be like Tebow, humble, bold, and unashamed about his love for Christ because real men love God.


3 thoughts on “This One’s For You Tebow

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    • Sorry, I am so late replying to your comment. Honestly, I don’t have much or any experience with web design, but I can tell you what I did. I chose a standard WordPress theme and I googled WordPress backgrounds. The particular site I found gave me the ability to download the background. The folder had several images that made up the complete background, but I used the main one. Lastly I went to Background (This allows you to customize your blog for free. You can use any image), uploaded the downloaded background, pressed Center, Tile, Scroll, and then I saved it. So, if it wasn’t for the site I found, then my blog would still look a mess. I don’t know what your style is or what type of blog you want to have, but I used They really helped me. I hope I was helpful, and good luck on your blog.

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