Black History Month: Forget About It!

As we all know it is Black History Month, and some would rather it never existed, some adore it, and others simply do not care. I have heard one decent argument for ending it, and that reason was because it causes more division among people. True, but not completely. There are divisions and will be divisions whether there is a month to celebrate Black Americans or not. There would not be a need for Black History Month, Hispanic History Month, or any other type of celebration for minorities if there was a wide representation of them year round. Most of American History courses include the very basics of minority contributions to America. However, I do realize the course cannot cover every aspect of history, nor every person’s contribution to the establishment of this nation, but a lot of information is lost and overlooked. For a country that claims to be so diverse, it is not. People are persecuted and belittled all the time for their differences. We should not be a melting pot because, then everyone begins to look and act the same. We should be a toss salad of many colors, flavors, and origins that come together to make a delicious dish. Altogether,  I agree that there should be a celebration of all people period and that there is no superior race.

Now, getting rid of Black History Month is one thing, but I have heard people say that slavery needs to be forgotten altogether. Really? Forgiven, but not forgotten. Honestly, one part of me wants to forget it because it is so painful and such an ugly part of history that affects me to this day. However, it is still a part of my history whether I like it or not. Sometimes I feel like an adopted child because I do not know the roots of my heritage and specifically where my ancestors came from. It hurts because my ancestors were robbed of their identity, homeland, and culture. The affects of slavery are still manifest in modern society today. Yes, there has been major strides made, but there is so much more to be accomplished. Every time the wound begins to heal someone picks at the scab and reopens it again with the distaste of my skin pigment and degrading actions. I hate the thought and reality that we live in a black and white world filled with so many vibrant colors. Why does almost every issue or aspect of life have to succumb to black and white? You might not be experiencing racism, or may have never experienced it, but somebody is. Racism is one of the most ugliest and crudest conditions of the heart. It is still alive in hearts today. I am not sure on how you feel, but I want to love people. Yes, it is difficult especially when people don’t love you back, but by the grace of God we can. I do not want to see a person’s appearance and pure hate or rage begins to flow through my veins because they are different from me.

I would not dare tell a Jewish person to forget the Holocaust, and definitely not deliverance from Egypt! Are you crazy? Their people were in slavery, but God delivered them like he did for my ancestors. Thank God for deliverance. I do not want a pat on the back, an award, or for someone to  feel sorry about the past that they had no control over, but I do want people to see my heart, mind, soul, and spirit (the real me). Some people even feel some black people are touchy and are always pulling the “black card”. True, some people do go overboard and make excuses. However, I can tell you what may seem touchy to one person may be a means of protection from being hurt or ran over by another. A person may get knocked down a couple of times and brush it off, but when there is a consistent battle and repeat of disheartening experiences it is time to fight and stand up for yourself. Until you have been in a person’s shoes and survived or experienced what they have endured, then you really have no space to talk. You might be surprised of how some people really feel about others that do not look like them or have the same skin color as them. The thinking of some is so antiquated that they still do not believe in interracial relationships. It is really sad, and all I can do is make sure I’m loving people. The bottom line is: Don’t erase my culture, and I won’t erase yours.


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