Temporal Moments

I am saddened and shocked by the death of Whitney Houston. As I was talking to my mother she reminded me of the many deaths that have occurred recently: Don Cornelius, Bishop Barnett Thoroughgood, and now, Whitney Houston! In this sadness I am reawakened. This life is temporary and only for a fleeting moment and we don’t know where death is. I’ve got to get it together because things are really folding up. It makes me ponder and evaluate myself. Am I in the will of God? What is God’s will for me? Am I giving my all to Jesus? What am I doing with my life? Honestly, I feel I am wasting it right now because I’m not sold out. Yes, I go to church,sing, shout, praise, worship, but is my life screaming Jesus or just me? I know it’s not screaming Jesus. I’ve been seeking God, but there is this scary thin line called complacency and familiarity. It’s where you get comfortable with dwelling in or feeling the presence of God, but you are not completely filled with his Spirit. A touch of his Spirit is not enough, but I’ve got to be filled. Although I have grown, there is more that he requires of me.

I read a true Facebook post by one friend that said “ Whitney struggled with her issues in the public. How many of us have private issues and would be too embarrassed for anyone to know? The main thing is we need to know we are right with God.” It is so true. All of us have struggled and are still a work in progress. I have found that to be a pattern too. We are so quick to throw other people under the bus for self-righteousness’s sake to somehow make ourselves look good and act like we have it all together, but we forget we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory. We have to love, pray, and cover one another. I believe God uses certain things to awaken, shake us, and cause us to move out of the places of complacency and mediocrity. Since we’ve all got to stand before the Almighty I pray this sticks with us and be what he’s called us to be.


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