You Are Loved

Happy Valentines Day! Will you be my Valentine lol? Today is the day we celebrate those that we love with all the flowers, candy, and balloons. Although it is a commercialized holiday to boost sales, most of us celebrate it nonetheless. I know of some people who hate this day, especially the singles, which I am one too, but this is not about having or not having a Boo. Everyday should be a celebration of love for the one’s we love, and whether you believe it or not someone loves you, cares about you, and is praying for you. Luckily, I can always count on my Daddy to be my Valentine. However, this year, my Mommy made me a love basket.


She got me a Tweety bird (my favorite), some heart socks (another favorite), a bear snow globe, and a febreeze freshener. It may sound a little stupid, but it was still special to me. However, the point I want to leave with you is whether you have someone giving you something or not, give something to someone. It makes you and others feel good. I sent out a Valentine’s greeting to my friends and family. Also, I gave my Mommy a break today by buying Papa John’s so she wouldn’t have to cook. Personally, I am a simple person, so a long it’s from the heart I love it. A kind word, hug, kiss, smile, can mean a lot to a person. It’s something we should share everyday because we don’t know when a person’s last breath may be. If you still don’t believe nobody love’s you Jesus does, and so do I, but he love’s you way more than I could ever love you.


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