I Am Not The Biggest Loser

Recently, I have been working on becoming healthier. I have been at it since the beginning of the year, but being that we live in a “microwave” generation, I want results now! I am a bit disappointed, but I am grateful for the few pounds I have lost, unless my scale is broken? However, I cannot be too disappointed because I have come a long way from my season of inactivity. I am more active and I can do 5 miles of walking without stopping. As of now, the Biggest Loser: Cardio Max DVD has been working me out. Literally, it is no joke. I am dripping with sweat and like a wet noodle when I finish a workout. I can feel that I am getting stronger, but I still feel like it’s taking too long. I would like to be able to do one of these workouts with ease, but they are still a bit challenging. Everyday really is different because some days I am able to breeze through the workout, but other days I am on the edge and I think to myself “Am I wasting my time?” I know I’m not, but it feels like it sometimes.

As I stated in my “Making Progress” post, diet is my biggest struggle even with the changes I’ve made. I bought a book a while back that has a diet plan according to one’s blood type, and well to say the least, I learned a lot of what I’m NOT supposed to eat (which can be very depressing). According to that book, if I really want to lose weight I can’t have dairy or meat (except for some seafood). It is a very in depth book about the certain foods that best apply to one’s blood type. Honestly, I am tired of books like these because I feel like it sucks all the fun out of food. However, I realize some foods can suck the life out of us if not careful, but I don’t care if you eat grass and hay everyday; you can still die. Nonetheless, I am determined to win and not give up.


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