Not Churched, But the Church

I went to a beautiful Listening Party/Concert  featuring Pastor Marvin Sapp. He is on a promotion tour for his new project called, I Win. It was a different type of concert because it had more of an intimate setting, as if we were all family and friends just talking. He showed his personal side and it was nice to see because some people forget that Pastor’s, ministers, or anybody in a certain position of being in a spotlight, are human too. They have hurts, frustrations, disappointments, fears, and the list goes on because they are human just like everyone else. That is why we really need to pray for our leader’s because the enemy is really out to attack them being that they are the under- shepherd.

Nonetheless, before Sapp got up to sing there was a local praise team that begin with praise and worship to set the atmosphere. It was not packed because the event was last minute and the advertisement was poorly done, in my opinion, but some people may not have been able to afford it or simply were busy. I was sitting on the front row in the balcony and it seems like everyone else wanted to sit in that same section too. Needless to say, it was not packed as a whole in the building, but I sure was squished on my row. The praise team was going forth in blessing God and me being a praiser I could not keep my seat.

Now, you might disagree with me, but a gospel concert is not for entertainment. However, please do not misunderstand me because church or any Christian event is not all about being “spiritual.” You can still have fun and be in order. I’m talking about when the praise team is up singing praises to God, you should be up too blessing God right along with them, not sitting there carrying on in a full blown conversation about some nonsense while eating a bowl of popcorn, or sitting next to your honey bun all cuddled up like this is Jazz Festival. That stuff is good in its place, but does it belong in a time set apart for God? As I was getting into the service I noticed something that I have seen before. It is a rippling affect. I understand everyone does not praise or worship God in the same way, but the pattern I have realized is people sit down as if they are waiting to be entertained, and the praise leaders often are trying their best to exhort or as we say “pump and prime” people to praise. Nobody should have to beg, ask, pump, or prime you. I know everyday is not the same and most days we don’t feel like it, but you do it anyways. Why? Because God is… It’s not just about what he’s done, but who he is. He is spectacular, all supreme. He is everything!

I think we have been conditioned now to be entertained or so used to having everything done for us through the advancements of technology and other things. I see it even in school where people sit and wait for the professor to do all the work, but mostly in some churches where people sit and look at the praise team. I’m learning you cannot wait for others, but you have to go for yourself, even if you’re all alone. However, it’s not all about the outward either because I visited this once church where nearly everyone was standing, but that church seriously needed mouth to mouth because it was dead. I was in there for about 3 minutes and I walked out. Nobody was praising God except for one man. The church was pretty big and packed, but no power. The only difference was the people were standing instead of sitting.

I’m not writing this to come off as I got it all together and going on because I don’t. Sometimes I haven’t given God my all or best, but I get convicted and I pray for God to help me do better. I still have a lot of growing to do. I don’t want to pretend with you like I’m all sugar and spice because I need God like you, if not more. However, I am not only frustrated and grieved with my generation, but myself as well. Some of us have been “churched.” We’ve been raised in the church, so we know all the motions, sayings, and rituals but yet we are not the church. We go to a building made by man’s hand and call that the church, when in fact we are the church. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost (1 Cor. 6:19). The true place where God is to dwell. If God is only in the church building, then that means we only go there to meet him instead of carrying him in us wherever we go. I want to affect change and be a light wherever God takes me. I don’t now all of what God has in stored for me, but I’m positive it involves repentance, prayer, fasting, and soaking in the Word. I want a strong passion for the Lord and I hope us young people and just people get on fire for Jesus. We got to ignite the fire. Once we get on fire, then it will spread and cause other people to get the hot’s for Christ.


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