Loosen Up and Laugh

Frequently, I have been noticing a lot of mess on YouTube clips, specifically related to Christian comedy clips. I know everyone does not have the same sense of humor, and maybe I am tripping, but I really think some people are super deep. It’s nothing wrong with being deep, and I do understand that everything is not funny especially when it comes to the things of God, but God gave us a sense of humor, why not use it? I saw somebody make this  absurd comment saying, “There’s no humor in the body of Christ” as if the people of God are not allowed to laugh. Foolishness! Where do you think we get our laughter from? Surely not the devil. God brings joy and as a matter of fact in his presence there is fullness of joy and in his right hand are pleasures forevermore (Pslm 16:11). I know some people do not even believe that the Holy Spirit laughs through people, but it is real.

A few years ago, when my parents were called to start ministry in a foreign land (at least it was foreign to me), and to say the least it has not been easy. At first, I was excited but as time passed it was hard. No friends, strange land, little family, and a new phase of life. Everything was different and I nearly cried everyday, but I know God was moving and working on me as he is now. I fell into a depression, but I was still seeking God because I knew ministry was not about how good I could sing, but I needed relationship. Nonetheless, one day as I was crying out to God, and I mean nearly wailing in tears I burst into belly shaking laughter. I was so afraid and tried to stop, but I could not. I was afraid it was demonic, so I called the more on Jesus and the laughter continued, but I noticed my heaviness and depression had lifted. I know it had to be God because he comes to free us. So, I say before you criticize something you should pray about it and ask God to give you understanding. God still makes me laugh. I can just be sitting and burst into laughter. He completes me and I love him.

It’s so much garbage out here now that the world labels as comedy when it’s really not. So, when I see Christian’s doing good clean comedy I love it because they are using their gift to glorify God in helping brighten up people’s days. I see comedy as a ministry. Most of us think preaching or singing is the only way to minister, but just as simple as being kind or speaking to people you may or may not know is a ministry. Although everything is not funny, loosen up saints and laugh. Didn’t the Lord save you, change you, deliver you, then why not rejoice and be glad?


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