Facebook Insecurities

acebook… on a daily basis, it is probably the most visited site next to WordPress of course. I have been in a relationship with my Facebook page for about over 4 years, but I am swiftly moving toward the it’s complicated stage. First, MySpace was my favorite. I was on there all the time among other social network websites, but I had to dump all of them, but occasionally I visit MySpace for my music playlist. Other than that, Facebook has been there. We went through the poke phases where my friends and I used it religiously, but now things have changed. I have grown and changed a lot as well as Facebook, but I have kept frequent visits, yet I am so distant.

As Facebook users we know about the changes that have been made now. I have a shadowed memory of what it used to be, but I know it was not wide open with my friends activities, thoughts, rants, philosophical moments, feelings, and whatever else may come to the mind filling my news feed. Do not misunderstand me. I do find it more interesting and fun to visit than before, but you see it is not Facebook, it is me. I am struggling with my own insecurities. I rarely post anything on Facebook now. I simply do not know what to say anymore and I feel my purpose for posting anything may be corrupted. I do not hate my life because each day is different, full of new opportunities,spiritual growth, and abilities to help others. Most of the posts I see from my friends are about their faith, daily happenings, drama, engagements, future plans, and anything that can come to mind. Although I am happy with my life sometimes when I read all the fun and exciting things my friends are doing I slide into a “Woe is me” moment.

In some ways my life has slowed down compared to what I was once accustomed to, but I have adjusted and I know that my current place in life is preparing me for my future. I am still in the developmental stages and it seems as if all my friends are passing me by and maturing. Facebook is more of a popularity contest than a means of connecting. I find myself being cautious of what I put up on Facebook like pictures. They have to be the best. No, perfect! Why? Who am I trying to impress? Why do I feel the need I have to prove I am doing big things and going big places? Why do I feel the need to be the best? Why do I want the most likes on this post? What am I trying to prove to people? I am trying to prove that I am just as good, pretty, and better than everyone else to cover my monstrous beast called insecurity.

It is not good to compare yourself to others, but to be content with where you are and who you are. Now, if you’re in sin, then just ask God to save and deliver you. He will help us if we are sincere and diligently seek him. Everyone’s path is different and if I start looking at your path I am not going to be focused on the path God has for me, resulting in my demise along with others who could have been helped only if I had stayed focused on my given path. Hating on you or wanting what you have is not going to help me. Therefore, I celebrate you and your accomplishments because you deserve the best as I. The same God that helped and blessed you will do the same for me. I am not going to accomplish anything by trying to prove I am the greatest. Why? Because God is the greatest. You may end up making more money than me, or have your name written in history, but my purpose is not to out do you and top your best. I want to be one of your top fans and cheerleaders because superseding you will not fulfill my purpose, but it will only fill me with destructive pride. My fulfillment will come when I learn to celebrate you and be content in the purpose and will of God for my life.

Overall, I am a private person, and I am the type to only let certain people in and confide in a faithful few. I do not want my business exposed as much as I do not want to know all of my friends business, and reading my friends posts makes me feel like a busybody. I probably will continue to visit Facebook, but less often to avoid being nosey and comparing myself with others until I have fully learned to appreciate who I am and where I am. I might be saved, but I still have to learn how to be happy with the way God made me and where he has placed me for this time in my life. What can I say? I am yet a work in progress, but I thank God for His saving grace. Now, I know God has great things in store for all of us, and I do not have to be jealous of my sister or brother when God blesses them. Plus, I realize everything that looks good is not always good for me. That person may be able to handle the responsibilities, wherein I may crumble. God knows what each of us can handle. So, if God blesses someone to be a millionaire or whatever it may be do not get upset, but be thankful with what you have and where you are.

Scriptural references: (2 Corinthians 10:12), (Psalm 139),(Ephesians 2:10),(1Timothy 6:17,18),(Proverbs 22:2),(Galatians 3:28),(John 17:23),(Colossians 3:17,23)


4 thoughts on “Facebook Insecurities

  1. Thiank you for a “Wonderful” post!!

    As Apostle Paul said… The secret to contentment is learning to be content in whatever state we find ourselves… whether we have little or much… True contentment does not come from the abundance of things but the eternal relationship that we have with a loving faithful God who has promised that he will never leave us nor forsake us… but will be with us to the end…

    Blessings!!! 🙂

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