I Thought You Said You Were A Christian?

Awhile ago I had a flashback of a regretful experience in my life. It resurfaced through a song I was listening to called Live the Life by Deitrick Haddon and in the song is says “Got to live the life that you sing about, Got to live the life that you preach about.” It also says “There’s a little baby boy that wants to walk in your shoes and a little baby girl who don’t need to hear no bad news. Don’t be a hypocrite I don’t know how they can handle it, you got to be a light, got to live the life.” I have heard this song many times and sing along with it . I agree with it because it is so true that we do have to live the life Christ called us to live which is a life of holiness.

In high school, God blessed me to be able to get a job that I didn’t even apply for. He opened a door for me to make a little bit of money and still stay in my extracurricular activities, while maintaining my grades of course. I was a student tutor/counselor for sixth graders. It was like a Big brother, Big sister program. At this time of my life I was going to church, singing, shouting, and a self-proclaimed Christian (but I was not). You see, I thought being a Christian meant you only believe in Jesus Christ, but oh how wrong. At this time I was to be setting an example for these sixth grade girls I had in my group, academically and perhaps spiritually.

These girls were cursing, dancing provocatively ,and very grown for their age (11 years old). I told them I was a Christian, but one day I revealed non-Christian character. I cursed. These girls asked me a question that remains with me today and something I hope to never hear again, “I thought you said you were a Christian?” I got defensive and said I was, but really their question revealed a truth about myself I was blinded to. I was not a Christian. Real Christian’s do not curse or swear. The bible says “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. (James 2:19)”

Truly, even the demons believe Jesus exists and know he is God, but does that make them Christian’s? No! A Christian does not only believe in the mere existence of Jesus, but they live according to what Jesus said! I felt so bad when those girls exposed me for my foolery, but it was for my good. However, I felt regret today and all I could do is pray for those girls that wherever they are (I pray still in the land of the living), that they come to know Christ, be real Christian ladies, and not like the poor example of what a so- called Christian I presented to them. Look over in James 3, he talks about the tongue and how it is a “world of iniquity” and how it “defileth the whole body” . Once, my Pastor said  that is why he believes when the Lord saves us and fills us with the Holy Ghost the first thing he does is change our language and take control of our tongues because it is untamable without him. In fact, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” (Proverbs 18:21). It’s a mighty weapon given to us. It can build or destroy. I just pray we all come up to the standards God has called us to because some people are so fed up with Christianity, and God because of someone claiming to come in his name yet being full of the devil.

We are ambassadors for Christ, so our goal should be to glorify God in whatever we do. If it is something that will not bring glory to him, then we should not be doing it.  We are daily striving for perfection in Christ. People that are not of the faith are watching you and often are waiting for you to fall or slip up just so they can say, “Yea, I knew it wasn’t anything to you Christian’s. You’re all talk. You’re a hypocrite.” People expect us to live up to the standard of living that we profess to walk in. Truly, God does not use perfect people. He cleans us up, makes us new, causes us to walk in his ways, if we allow him to. Although we may not be perfect  and make mistakes that does not give us license to sin. God will meet us though where we are lacking or weak (Thank God for his blood, saving grace ,and mercy).

Nonetheless, for those of you who have come across people professing Christianity and they didn’t display it, please know that there are “real” people out there displaying the characteristics of Christ and living a life of holiness. Don’t let it discourage you from pursuing and living a life for Christ because at the end of the day we all have to give an account for ourselves and no one else.


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