The Church Used To Be…

Lately, I believe the Lord has been dealing with me and speaking to my heart about a lot of things. I am a baby Christian,so I have much to learn and grow in grace. As a little girl growing up in church (particularly, the Apostolic Pentecostal church) I can vividly remember services that were charged with the Holy Ghost. Although I was very young, like at 5 years of age I can remember a service the Virginia State Council had at the Chamberlin Hotel that was power packed. I will never forget that night. That same night my aunt received the gift of the Holy Ghost. All the saints were standing up and praising God. People were dancing before the Lord, chairs were everywhere. The ballroom was packed back and I saw a woman in a wheelchair get healed and begin to walk. Bottom line is, the power of God was surely in that place.
Sadly, I have not been to a service quite like that ever since. Now, don’t misunderstand me because I have been to many services after that where the glory of God fell down in the place. The latest service was this Resurrection Sunday and another service where the preacher could not even preach because the glory of God had filled the house. Souls were saved, and lives changed. But I’m just hungry for a move of God. Especially, beyond the four walls of our little churches too like out on the streets or wherever the Lord takes us. I started looking at videos of the old mothers of the church, and how they prayed and preached holiness. I was thinking to myself one day about how my grandparents, their parents, and so on survived great hardships in this life. They did not have much and suffered a lot (racism,discrimination, segregation, etc.), but they trusted in God. I think I know why too because that is all they had. There faith in God is the only strong foundation they had. They did not have all of this technology and luxuries of life that we have now. So, I started thinking and I came across a clip of Prophet Carn preaching and he said almost the same thing I was thinking and that is we have more stuff, but little or no power. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of shouting (dancing) about houses, cars, and businesses. I’m not against those things because I hope to own one of each of those, but what does it profit if I gain the whole world, yet lose my soul.

Recently, I saw a clip of a girl that had been to hell,heaven, and seen a glimpse of the rapture. She said, “God wants us to go back to the ancient days of ministry” like passing out tracts, witnessing on the streets, lifting up the name of Christ and telling our friends,loved ones or whoever about Jesus. God told her we have become ashamed of him and embarrassed to share our faith with them. She spoke a lot of God crying, and although she saw tears falling down his garment she could not explain his cry, but the way she expressed it was that of a deep lamenting pain. She spoke of people in hell, and I mean famous people like Selena, one of the Pope’s, and Michael Jackson. Selena was begging people to stop listening to her music, so they would not come to that place. She was shocked the Pope was there because most people of the Catholic faith worship him and Mary over Jesus.The Lord had told her he was there because of his love of money and only partially preaching the gospel. People were crying out for the Lord to save them and have mercy on them, but when he told them it was too late they would blaspheme the Lord like crazy and it would make him cry. I believe it is because they are lost eternally in darkness, and there is no light in them or any hope to be saved.

That video shook me. Hearing the stories of billions of souls in torment. Why? Because it is real. Only a few are making it into heaven and we like to condone this lie that living good or being a “good person” will get you into heaven. No. Our righteousness’ are as filthy rags. We have to live holy, and that’s only through us yielding to the Holy Ghost and allowing him to lead us into all truth. We’ve got to be about our Father’s business and lifting him up, so they can come to him and receive eternal life before it’s everlasting too late. We also must make sure our houses are in order as well and that we are not operating in the works of the flesh or living contrary to the leading of the Holy Ghost. I want to live holy, so I can see Jesus because I don’t want to be away from him now, let alone an eternity. It is so sad thinking about the many lost souls. God did not save us to sit on comfy pews in church for fashion shows, shouting contests, preaching contests, festivals, and whatever else to compete, store up for ourselves only and make sure we go to heaven, but we got to compel men to come, live holy, and I wonder sometimes, even die for the gospel’s sake.  


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