Old Poems

Hello folks!  I was doing a little digging and found some old poems I wrote back in my high school days, and no, I am not a poet lol. I thought I would share them with you.  My favorite is “The Next Chapter” because right now my life is open to a brand  new chapter, and I’m excited, while nervous all at the same time.


 Look Up

Reaching for things that can’t last
It’s time to let go of that painful past
Feeding something that can never be fed


It`s becoming something you’re gonna dread
Feelings of hurt inside
Brothers and Sisters don’t try to hide.
You see, it’s time to make a choice.
You’re still not listening to his voice.
The man that died for you and me
I know you say, “Well, I hear that constantly”
But, yet you say, “There are so many pleasures to find.”
Forgetting that one day you have to leave this world behind.
He welcomes you with open arms.
It’s nothing that will bring you harm.
He’s saying, “Come unto me.

For I will set you free.”
He’s sweeter than sweet potato pie
Cradles you in his arms like a lullaby
Seeking for that unconditional love?
Look up because it comes from above.



They don`t know the late nights you stayed awake
Sometimes the very life you wanted to take
Searching for a way out
All you could do was scream and shout
Times in your life things get hard
Stand up and hold your guard
Let the haters hate
But continue to walk into your fate
Stand strong and tall
Give it your all
Stop settling for less
When will you realize you are the best
So when the haters hate; just walk and smile
Because they will be serving you in awhile


The Next Chapter

I have tried some things the world has to offer.
Some were made to make me stronger
Others tore my very spirit down.
Making me feel lower than the ground.
These pleasures bring no peace
But only a feeling of depression and low self-esteem.
Maybe peace is what you seek?
Or so-called love that makes you weak
Seems to me nobody wants the man I love
The omniscient one who lives up above
I’m tired of the endless pain.
Eternal life is what I am striving to gain
Where he is I find everlasting joy
Something I’ll never behold from a silly boy
My life is now at ease and filled with laughter
And open to a brand new chapter…



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