Cold Stone and Starbucks: A Destined Meeting

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial weekend. I had the privilege to go back home and be with my family. Besides Sunday being Pentecost Sunday, after service we went to visit the cemetery where my grandmother and grandfather was buried. We did what we usually do (talk, pray,laugh, reminisce, and complain about how hot it is). Afterwards we hungered, but my cousin had homework to do, so we had to wait for her to do it, but we wanted to also go to a festival because it was featuring gospel music since it was Sunday. So, we decided to go while my cousin finished her homework. Although it was hot, we really enjoyed the violinist, Mr. Eric Taylor. He is amazing and he has never received one lesson, but it’s a gift from God. He played so many gospel favorites like “Jesus You’re the Center of My Joy” and “Glory to Glory”. He even played some Beethoven. However, the crowd was pretty quiet. I think they were expecting to hear jazz like the day before.

Finally, we left after getting a funnel cake and hearing a little bit of Shirley Murdock, but by the time we got back my cousin was almost finished. Once she finished we were off to T.G.I.F’s for some grub, and what a lovely meal it was. Now, one of T.G.I.F’s favorite desserts for me is the vanilla bean cheesecake. It is absolutely one of the best desserts out there. They give you a big hunk of it too (HEAVEN). I know it’s sugar diabetes on a plate, but it’s to live for (Remember: Moderation folks). Nonetheless, I was stoked about it, but my cousins and I changed our minds and opted for Cold Stone’s. On the other hand, my brother could not resist the vanilla bean cheesecake over Cold Stone.

Off to Cold Stone we went, pumping our gospel music as high as it could go, with the windows down. My cousin did not know where she wanted to park, but when she did park, she did not care whether it was a parking space or not (thank God it was one). We got our ice cream after thorough deliberation and came back to the car to talk.My brother was in the car and he told one of my cousin’s that the anointing is in her mouth. She is not saved yet, and she has a big mouth, but that mouth is going to give God some glory and draw many souls to Christ. Sadly, as many of us she only see’s her current state and does not see the potential and greatness upon her life. Being that I am a babe in Christ I am so eager to share the word and spread God’s love. We carried on in conversation about the baptism of the Holy Ghost, trusting in God, never giving up, and a lot of other stuff. In the process, I realized we were parked to someone in their car. As I spoke about the Lord I was hoping that it would minister to the people in the car next to us. Guess what? It did.

A lady got out of the car and she popped the trunk, which frightened my cousin. She apologized and went back inside, then she came back out. Eventually, she entered into our conversation and begin to tell us about her own situation. She and her family is currently living in there car and hotels. She told us how God is humbling her, and using this process to gut out all the junk, so that she can be used for his glory. We ended up finding we are connected to different ministries and churches. It was amazing. We were laughing and talking, but soon a young man with much “swag” came over to us to find out about some events, parties, or clubs we were about to go to. How funny? If he only knew the gift that dwelt within us. The lady we met said something like, “Jesus is what’s up” and he was caught totally off guard and turned away as if to say Are you serious? But he came back and drew into our circle closer. My brother was like, “Yea you missing out man” and I said “Yea it’s some good stuff, so what you want to talk about?” He looked at me and realized we were not joking and was like Jesus is what’s up? Man whatever. He walked away and probably told the two girls driving him, or they heard, and they were laughing.

One of my cousins became discouraged by his response and lack of openness, but the lady told her that everyone is not going to welcome the Lord with open arms, and if we all be honest none of us wanted anything to do with the Lord. We thought we were alright and nobody could tell us a thing. Although that young brother walked away I believe we impacted his life forever. His countenance changed and I don’t know, but I think I sensed in my spirit some brokenness. If he didn’t have those girls behind him in the car he might have stayed and talked to us. I just hope he didn’t feel like we were judging him because we need God just like everybody else. We are not greater. Only God is great. I’m praying that he be saved and be a vessel of honor for God’s glory.

Most people assume all young people are out drinking, partying, sleeping around, sexting, and doing any and everything we are big and bad enough to do, but contrary to statistics and the media God is raising up a generation of young people that are in love with him and boldly taking a stand for holiness and righteousness. We will not keep still and we will not stay silent. This past weekend taught me a little bit more about ministry and the importance of being led by the Spirit. We also got to minister to my aunt’s new neighbor. She is going through some tumultuous times. Unfortunately, she got hooked up with the wrong person and it has caused major chaos in her life.

We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Reaching out, caring, and praying for souls. We are servants. The lady we met came to charge her phone at Starbucks and we came to satisfy our sweet tooth at Cold Stone. Every single move we made that day was divinely in order because any other time we would have all got the vanilla bean cheesecake and been happy, but God! He destined for us to meet. I believe he even destined for that brother to come over and talk to us. He may become a mighty man for the Lord (I pray so). Also, one of my cousin’s had a pair of hot stiletto’s she had not worn, and guess what? They were a perfect fit for the lady we met. That Sunday night was so beautiful. I did not want it to end. It felt so good. God had showed up and it was a divine interaction that he caused. Sooner or later we will be shouting and dancing in her brand new condo.

Many times we do not understand what the Lord is up to, but he knows and when he unveils the final results we are blown away. It is best to leave our situations at the Master’s feet because he’s in control. Although there are so many valuable lessons from this experience. The main one is to be a representative of Christ at all times. Not just at church because then you are acting and putting on a show. We worship God in our bodies, not a building. People are watching, and they need us men and women to be what Christ has called us to be more than ever, so they can be saved.


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