Black Friday Madness

Where has the time gone? Thanksgiving is gone, and I hope you had a lovely one with the one’s you love, but now Christmas is on its way. The first thing that pops into most of our minds is shopping. No, I know. What about egg nog, Christmas lights, pine trees, cookies, and roasts? Christmas is about getting what you want. I can shorten my list, but why should I? I deserve it. I work hard. This holiday is for me to get what I want. Right? Do I sound selfish?

I hope you said yes. I saw some clips of people from the Black Friday craze, and it was just that, absolute madness. I am saddened by the millions of people who went out to nearly break their necks and anyone else’s in their path for a material possession that will become old and outdated in the next couple of months. I do not care if what you bought will  last your entire life span. There is absolutely nothing on this earth at least to the physical visible eye that will complete you. You can get an iPad and still not have peace of mind. You can have the latest fashions and a house fire can consume every piece of clothing you have. All these material possessions that we think we have to have are useless when we worship them. If you are willing to step, push, shove, or even kill someone over something, then you need to reevaluate yourself.

I wish those same crowds of people that were fighting one another to get a sale were lined up outside the house of God or hungry for a move of God and not material possessions. We are in a sad condition and we need to repent for our selfishness and greed. There are so many people in need, yet we claim we NEED that new piece of technology, or new outfit. I am not against Christmas celebrations, traditions, shopping or buying one another gifts, but I believe we should do so in moderation. If you have your life, food, shelther, health, and strength, then you have more than enough. We can easily get caught up in the commercialism, but as people of God we should make sure we are being a light to others and offering them the love of Jesus year round.


Prayer Starter

Thank you God for wrapping yourself in flesh to save all mankind and offer us eternal life. Lord have mercy on us. Give us true hearts of repentance. We have strayed away from you and become blinded. Deliver us from pride, selfishness, greed, and anything that is not like you. Create in us a clean heart oh God, and renew in us the right spirit. Instead of focusing on what we want to receive, guide our hearts in how to be a blessing and a cheerful giver this season and year round. Empty us and help us to make room for you in our lives. Baptize and fill us with the Holy Ghost. God we thank you for the lives you are touching, saving, and healing right now.  In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen!


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