I wanted him to like me

Do you like me?

Check yes or no.

I’m hoping the answer is yes

Because I can’t take another blow

Self-esteem is shot

And every time I’m around you

My stomach ties in a knot.

You’re the type I thought I’d never get

Just say yes already

So we can make this thing legit


I kind of like that

It sounds like a lullaby

I’m drifting and it seems as if you are shifting further and further from me

Is it something I said or something I did?

What did I do for you to make me feel any less than I felt before?

You’re not answering me!

Oh, so are we playing Peek-a-boo?

Now you see me

Now you don’t

Which one is it?

Because you can’t have both.

When I saw you

You had this shine.

A confidence.

I envied.

I was determined to make you mine.

Where I was weak

I was seeking for you to make me complete.

All I ever wanted was for you to like me.

Maybe because I didn’t like myself.

From the inside out

I saw nothing valuable of my existence.

Blind, deaf, and mute.

What’s left of me?

I have no use.

But you

If you say I can see, hear, and talk

I’ll believe every word

Simply because you’ve got something that I don’t


Commentary on “I wanted him to like me”


Dear Readers, what are your thoughts about this woman? Do you think the man’s affirmation of a relationship with this woman will free her from her poor self-image and change her negative beliefs about herself? Why or why not?


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