Another Me

There’s another me

I don’t think you’ve met her before

We are not separate.

We are one.

She sits back in silence amongst the public eye

Behind closed doors she will cry.

She wants to be introduced

But my fear of rejection confines her in a locked cell.

I have seen glimpses of who we could be or perhaps really are

These visions and dreams for our life don’t match our social status or where we belong.

She says, “Look this is God’s plan for us.”

I’m not buying it because we’re not good enough

At least, not I.

I think she’s working trickery.

This is more like what she wants.

She wants more and believes there is greater for us

I tag along to comfort her and not kill her dreams

Uncertainty tells me it will never manifest

Yet, her unfullfillment is my death

She’s my heart.

My hope for moving forward.

I want to be her

We are so close, yet so far

The distance from today to tomorrow

Measures in sorrow

Same features

Different reflection

She’s free to dream

While I remain under lock and key

Despite my suppression she rises with unfathomable imaginations

Once again I’m captivated.

These dreams seem real

Truth must be revealed

So she can become more than my means of survival

But to become who we are meant to be

No longer rivals.


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