Into Me

I heard about intimacy
Seen different images, yet not knowing what it means
There’s somewhat of a fear to say the word
But, now the fear is gone.
I’ve discovered the truth is not conveyed in a movie or a tv show
Intimacy is not on the big screens.
When I think of intimacy I see
A man that’s into me…
Looks beyond my physical
He bears my soul.
He’s not moved by selfishness or pride
Every step he takes is in stride
Ordered by love.
He does not wish to take
Only to serve.
He’s so strong enough to show me he’s weak.
No tricks or trades
Just into me.
Not hiding behind shades
He searches my heart to sow seeds of trust, compassion, and commitment.
His pace is steady, not slow or fast, but intentionally in sync with the vibes and flow we have.
He’s pure with no ulterior motives in a bag.
His ears are open and his heart’s at attention.
I am not his god or idol
Simply his missing rib
The one he desires.


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