The Day My Circle Became a Dot

Never had many friends, but at least
I had enough to call on.
The faithful few was my crew.
I don’t know what happened because now they’re all gone.
Our hands were locked
With strong heartbeats
As grandfather clock tick tocks
Running to a never-ending stream of time
Glued with a bond of love, trust, and unity.
We strengthened one another with laughs, open hearts, and tears o’ flow
Nothing could break this unbreakable bond.
Then life happened.
We went separate ways in opposite directions
Working to make our dreams come true. It never occurred to me that in the process of reaching dreams our connection would fizzle to
Facebook comments
Instagram likes
Now, we don’t talk or text
Best friends are now strangers
Reaching out less seemed easier
You moved on
So, did I… sorta


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