I See More With My Eyes Shut

Seemingly, today was a new day

Too bad it didn’t look like it

On my desk laid the tea cup I’d sipped from the night before

Not that the desk was recognizable

Piles of papers,books, bills, and unwanted mail surrounded my laptop on its last leg

Sort of looked like my life

Messy, unorganized, and out of control

A few years back things were in order

So, I thought.

Now, life had me





Trying to find

Peace of mind

Because I’d forgot.

That stillness

An assurance that everything would be alright.

How could everything be alright when the situations in my life said all wrong?

Things can’t possibly be alright

By the look of things I’d say the buck stops here.

I have nothing, but to rest

Hush, child and close your eyes

Now, tell me what do you see

I see mysteries, people, and places I’ve never looked for

Every hope, dream is being fulfilled, and more

The only question is

How do I get there?

When I look I can’t see.

Looking causes me to stumble at all of life’s setbacks, plights, and failings,

Seeing causes me to walk strong, steady, and tall.

My sight is full of light

In the darkest hour of night

I’m defeating giants and moving mountains

It’s morning with no sun

Once was blind, but now…

I see more with my eyes shut.


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