The Heartless Huntsman

Haven’t you seen the posters and billboard signs?
They’re up everywhere
Man’s most wanted
God’s perfect design

The female
Beautifully crafted
Not of your loins
But born of your side

She comes in every color, shape, shade, and stride
So many choices makes it hard to decide
If she’s the one that is guilty of this crime
Some say she is this weight, complexion, and yay high

Witnesses swear they saw the ordeal
Others claim it’s in your mind and it’s not real
Every drawn sketch of beauty is laid before your eyes
Behind a wall of mirrored glass, you examine each suspect in disguise

Unwilling to reveal who you truly are
Their existence has no meaning because their crimes are subpar
You’re after the thief
Above all the suspects, she’s chief

Wanted, without parole for stealing your heart
The other suspects stole things like your money and time
But this smooth criminal took your lifeline
Unlike the others you want to meet her face-to-face

You ask, “How will I know her and what is she like?”
Will I attack her or roar in delight?
You will know her
Because in her presence there is no disguise

All of your guards and mirrored walls come crashing down
She has your heart
There is no faking
Nothing is mistaken

She knows who you are
Emptied out chest
You surrender
Bowing at your knees in awe

Offering a reward of nothing
But your all
Your chest is open and exposed
Awaiting due justice!

At last, you two meet
She stands with your heart in her hand
This woman
Your enemy

At least that is what you thought
But after seeing her you are amazed
Lulled by her gentle gaze
She’s not who you expected her to be

Beyond her gorgeous face, you see quality
Who would have thought your love would be your archenemy
When in reality she was your protector
Of all the hearts, she considered yours a treasure

She took it while you were asleep
To test how far you would seek
Awakened to her existence
Now that you have gone the distance

She can trust you
Finally, she has your attention and all
Without request
She turns herself into your heart for a lifetime sentence back into your chest

Happy to serve you
Not as your slave
But to engrave
Make her mark on your heart

Your favor
Your lover
Your crown
Your queen


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