The Revelation of Ruth

Boaz, Boaz wherefore art thou Boaz? I’m sure this question has plagued the minds of every Christian woman at some point in her life. As we know, the Bible covers various themes from drama to romance and the book of Ruth is a stickler for all of my hopeful romantics. Personally, I’ve always thought of the book of Ruth as a story about romance. I envisioned Ruth as a beautiful young woman being swept off of her feet by her prince charming, but now, I see it as an act of worship and a great love for God that entwined two hearts together.

God purposed for Boaz and Ruth to be together for the glory of his kingdom, in which Jesus descended from this couples submission to God. Ruth ran after God and forsook her wicked native country. I see her as a beautiful young woman with a large heart for her family and God. She submitted herself to the guidance and mentorship of her mother in law. She is faithful, hard working, and diligent. A very brave individual. Boaz is chasing after God too. He is seeking to please the heart of God. He seems to be well respected among his community as he pronounces blessings over the reapers and they respond to him by blessing him. He is kind and wise and handling what God has blessed him with. He does not mind sharing his increase, which means he is a wealthy giver. He favors Ruth in obedience to God’s Word according to Leviticus 25:35. He is a worshipper and fears the Lord. He fulfilled God’s command to all husbands, which is to love their wives as Christ loves his bride, the church. Boaz redeems the land of Elimilech, Naomi, and Ruth as an act of worship to honor God. This story parallels Christ redeeming us back to himself. What awesome love he has for us! Boaz’s love for God pours over into his love and compassion for his soon to be wife. This is a true love story, in which God is glorified.This entire relationship was holy and divinely ordained by the Almighty God! I pray that all of our relationships would reflect the glory of God.

Remember to pray for the singles and that we would not date out of boredom or based upon the lusts of the flesh, but instead date purposefully under the direction and guidance of the Holy Ghost.


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