Am I in love?

How many times have you said “I love you,” to someone? Some of us more than others, but I’ve learned love is more than a fuzzy warm feeling or even a flood of emotions. Love is longsuffering and endures during the toughest of times. That is true love –one that never fails. This is what most of us seek, an unfailing love.

Many of us are disappointed and fed up with love, but love is not our enemy, but indeed love’s counterfeit, lust.  Selfishness and pride clog its flow, but love is pure, while lust has its own agenda to misuse and abuse its victims.

Are we void of experiencing pain in love? No, because we are not perfect, but I believe the pain experienced in love is unintentional. The pain is not birthed from malice or hatred. Therefore, love does not come to destroy, but build up.

While drinking my morning coffee, my eyes glazed over the writing on my mug that told me what love was according to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. These questions arose in me for my own personal feelings for a gentleman and I hope they help you discern if you’re truly in love, infatuating, or lusting for someone. The following are some questions to ponder if you’re wondering if you’re “in love”:

•Are you in a hurry to get be a relationship, have sex , or get married with this person? (Remember, love is patient).

•Are you kind to one another? Is there mutual respect? (Remember, love is kind).

•Are you seeking to bring this individual into sin? Are you seeking to take from them? Do you want to expose their weaknesses and exploit them? (Remember, love protects).

•Are you skeptical of one another or are your walls up? ( Remember, love always trusts).

• Do you see the best in this person, or are you always finding fault? Are you easily given to giving up on your commitment and relationship when there is conflict? (Remember, love always hopes).

•Are you seeking ways to help your relationship grow and flourish? (Remember, love always perseveres).

Above all, I pray you experience the unfailing love of Jesus Christ because he is love. No one will ever love us as he does. He completes us. ❤❤


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