Capable of Being Loved

Somebody today needs to know that they are capable of being loved. Is that someone you? This revelation came to me in the parking lot of Wally World and chills came over my body. It’s nothing deep or mystical and maybe you will laugh and think it’s stupid, but somebody needs to know their worth. I could never articulate and put it into words the requests and hopes of my heart because fear and rejection were dominate, but the Holy Spirit has been doing an awesome work in my heart. He is helping me to overcome fear and so many other mental challenges I have had. The following saying rang clearly in my heart: “You are capable of loving and being loved.” I set in the car, meditated on this and let it sink in. Nothing had separated me from receiving the love of Jesus in my life, so why would it be difficult or impossible for him to put love in a man’s heart for me. Do I need a man to love me? No, but do I want to be loved and grow old loving someone who loves me back just as much or more? Then the answer is an unashamed yes!

Are you with me? I want to be loved and love the one who loves me back. However, before you and I can receive this love, we have to believe we are capable of being loved. You are not too big or too small to be loved! I believe God has someone for you and I. They are seeking opportunity to be in your arms and be close to you. It’s out there. Just believe and know that you are capable of being loved. No matter what you have done, who you are, or where you come from. Love will find you and when it does, embrace it and receive it because God loves you first.


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