About Me


My name is Marisa Myles. I am a young woman on a journey of discovering God’s perfect design for me. Everyday is an opportunity for growth and development. God has qualified me for his use despite my shortcomings through his grace.

The birth of Gr8nessnme was inspired by my mother telling me that greatness was in me, even when I did not believe it, but now I do and writing allows me to express it. The greatness I speak of is none other than Jesus Christ, and he’s available for everybody.


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    • Hello Rachel, I’m not a licensed health professional, so the advice I’m giving is based on my opinion, experiences, and assumptions. I had a relaxer previous and during the early period of my diagnosis of PCOS, but I don’t know if PCOS had anything to do with my hair not growing. However, some relaxers made my hair thin, and I have very thick coarse hair. I read some women with PCOS suffer from hair thinning, while others are the opposite. My advice to you is if you are suffering from hair thinning due to PCOS, then getting a relaxer might not be the best choice. Have you had a relaxer before?

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