Unfinished Work

Years, I spent looking for complete satisfaction.

Full, but never fulfilled.


So deep I begin to seep past the rivers and the creek.

I was in the darkest of blue.

Sinking, not able to make it to shore.

Lungs shriveling, asking for more.

Let me breathe.

I want to feel that cool breeze, wisp past my face and feel its embrace.

Scoop me up and take me away.

This is not what I dreamed.

I dreamt my prince charming diving into the abyss to make me his Misses.

Instead I had been dismissed.

Lost at sea.

Not enough courage to swim on my own.

Steady waiting with hopes high, yet daily I’d die.

It was a cycle of pain

But I couldn’t see past the darkness that covered my soul.

Daylight had arrived

Yet, I was denied.

Won’t somebody accept me?

Somebody save me?


I ran out of air long time ago.

Desperation was supporting my respiration.

I could not wait.

Time was too slow.

Settling to the bottom of the ocean floor, I thought, “Forget my Prince! Just give me Charming.”

So, here comes Charming…

He tickled my ears with all the lines I wanted to hear

I was his fantasy, but he was my reality

I was good enough in secret

But not worth saving

Before I know he’s gone off, swimming back to shore

And I

Am all alone.



What happened?

I was supposed to have my happily ever after!

Does he know who I am?

I am the rarest of the rarest jewels.

There is a high price on me.

I was not cheaply made.

Am I not pretty enough?

Otherwise, why would he make a deep sea dive?

Was I a joke or another knot in his Superman cloak?

It was not that he did not know who I was

It was I did not know who I was

My identity was all a fog

Heart overgrown with moss

Decomposing with the stench of being lost

I’ve sunken until I can sink no more

If I sink anymore I’ll sink beyond the ocean floor

There’s not much more of this that I can take

I need to be saved now for goodness sake

I’m calling on the only name I know that will bring me safely to shore.

It’s the name I’ve come to adore

So sweet

Melodies from heaven

It’s a downpour of harmonies

Sounds like a symphony of angels

Crying Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty

The ball and chain shackled to my feet are broken

The weights and burden of sin is lifted

I’m swiftly rising and the waters are now clear

I see sunshine

I must be near

With a deep gasp of air

I can finally breathe.


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