Never Should Have Liked You

I wish I never liked you.


Because I can’t get you off my mind.

I’m in a psychosis

Bewitched with hocus pocus.

It’s a bad record laced with scratches

That’s on rewind, rewind, re, re, re, rewind.

I was sure my thinking was clear

Until the ecstasy disappeared.

Then I saw you for who you were

Yet so many qualities I wanted to learn.

Visions of you by my side

With your arm looped in mine.

I thought.

Maybe we could work

Until my spirit begin to jerk.

I awoke from a fantasy

One so cleverly crafted.

Breaking news!

It’s an urgent alert!

Truth is I’m lonely.

My flesh longs to be held

Feel the embrace of your lustful (oops I mean loving) hands.

You’re no ug mug, but you’ll do.

Why wait for love?

When I can have you.

Sounds truly spoken like a fool.

Love, lust, and hate

All fighting for first place.

Which one will take the cake?

Maybe love because I want the real thing

Beyond temporal, but everlasting.

Maybe lust because for it my flesh aches

And I’m tired of the wait.

Maybe hate because you disrupted my norm

Now, I’m the perfect storm.

Heavy rain is falling

I’m spinning out of control.

No matter how tempting the thought of us together is

You and I can never be.

This was just a hot and heavy rise

If I cave in, it will lead to my demise

Off into the sunset I go

My heart belongs to another one.


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